The Hunchback of Notre Dame - February 21 - February 23, 2020

Honesdale High School


Cast in Order of Appearance  
Dom Claude Frollo  
Daniel DeCrotie  
Jehan Frollo / St. Aprodisius / Leading Male Player 2  
Kaeleb Jones  
Florika / Leading Female Player 1  
Maya Wehrmann  
Father Dupin / Leading Male Player 1  
Cody Stanton  
Andrew S. Buckwalter  
Clopin Trouillefou, Queen of the Gypsies / Featured Dancer  
Kayleigh Pugh  
Phoebus De Martin  
Calvin T. Feustel  
Frederic Charlus  
Eric W. Berkihiser  
Katherine Wilson  
King Louis XI / Leading Male Player 3  
Brodie Cole  
Official / Leading Male Player 4  
Nicholas Crewe  
Cathedral Official / Leading Player 5  
Kyle DeRon  
Gabrielle Martin  
Leading Female Player 2  
Morgan Brown  
Leading Female Player 3  
Maggie Murphy  
Leading Female Player 4  
Ella Sherman  
Leading Female Player 5  
Victoria Wormuth  
Featured Dancers  
Abigail Fuller, Megan Gordish, Amaya Hall, Maria Kannebecker, Rochelle Keast, Kallie Lazaro, Anne Meagher, Hannah Merritt, Abby Skelton, and Claragail Wheeler
Cathedral Choir and Company  
Elizabeth Blum, Clara Dube, Angelica Dyer, Kimberly Florance, Nicole Hector, Kaylie Jackson, Madison O’Brien, Lexi Pinto, Emily Quinn, Nicole Roberts, Skye Skinner, Rory Steelman, and Katrina Van Houten





Understudies never substitute for listed players unless a specific announcement for the appearance is made at the time of the performance.

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