The Hunchback of Notre Dame - February 21 - February 23, 2020

Honesdale High School


Crew Members  
Scott D. Miller  
Musical Director  
Martha Curtis  
Orchestra Director  
Betty Ann Robson  
Jesse Perry  
Assistant Musical Director  
Geri Spinosa  
Technical Director  
Shawn Garing  
Assistant Technical Director  
William Sievers  
Set Designer  
Stacy Stone  
Assistant Set Designers  
Emily Johannes, Cindy Perricone, Bowan Whitmore, Rebecca Lohmann, Marrissa Murray, Kayla Walsh and Victoria Komar
Master Carpenter  
John Dyser  
Prop Master  
Meredith Galinski  
Costume Design  
Linda Zimmer  
Assistant Costumer Designs  
Debi McDonald and Emily Roberts
Hair and Makeup Design  
Chelsee Robins  
Assistant Hair and Makeup Designers  
Sara Lukic, Mia Yatwa, Makayla Breidenstein, Danielle Renner, Isabella Watson, Sophia Watson, Sophia Bodnar, Kelsi Gardner, Sophie Baker, Lucy Harrington, and Charlotte Margraf
Assistant Student Director  
Maggie Murphy  
Assistant Student Choreographer  
Kayleigh Pugh  
Meredith Galinski  
Box Office Manager  
Nicole Sievers  
Technical Supervisor  
Kyle Castellano  
Technical Stage Managers  
Madison Randolph and Bryce Klinger
House Managers  
Arjun Fulp and Dominic Maglione
Gibsen Goodenough, Zachary Eisele and Lakelen Leclere
Nikolas Romano, John Rodriguez and John Christiansen

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