Honk! - November 17 - November 20, 2022

Hopkinton High School Drama Ensemble

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Angie O'Leary

    Stage Manager

    Angie O'Leary is a Junior at the High School who has been a part of the crew for 4 other theater productions since middle school. It is her first show being the Stage Manager, previously being the Assistant Stage Manager, and being on the Sound and Microphone crew.

  • Mat Tannenbaum

    Asst. Stage Manager

    Mat Tannebaum is a Sophmore in HHS who is Assistant Stage Manager. This is their third year doing drama club. They would like to thank Valerie for making this entire club possible.

  • Alex Tannenbaum


    Alex Tannenbaum is a senior at HHS and this is his eighth musical as a sound designer and engineer. He has spent the past few months building and documenting new infrastructure to support AV throughout HHS and HMS, and building up a team called "Production Club" to run sound, video, and lighting for events throughout the school. He would like to thank Valerie, Mr. Brody, and Mr. Hay for supporting both his AV projects and the community.  

  • Juliet Findlen

    Crew Chief

    Juliet Findlen is a sophomore with a passion for art. She is enjoying her second year as a crew member and is now leading the set-building and painting crew. She is grateful to be able to help produce a wonderful performance.

  • Kayden Anderson

    Light Board Operator

    This musical will mark Kayden's second year working lights. He did lights last year at the middle school during Frozen and Wayside School. He is looking forward to another year of pressing buttons!


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