Honk! - November 17 - November 20, 2022

Hopkinton High School Drama Ensemble

 Who's Who 

  • Nathaniel Schneider

    as Ugly

    Hi there, my name is Nathaniel Schneider. I'm a junior and I have been doing theater since the 4th grade. A few things about me, I enjoy D&D and history.

  • Margot Kaye

    as Ida

    Margot Kaye is a sophomore at HHS and is thrilled to be returning to the HHS drama program in Honk! Some of her favorite productions she’s been in have been Footloose, Into the Woods, and last year's production of All Together Now. She would like to thank Mr. Brody, Valarie, and the cast and crew of  Honk! for making this show happen, and her family and friends for their support.


  • Salem Bradley

    as Cat

    Salem Bradley is a senior at HHS who plays Cat in Honk! The Musical. This is his fourth show and he would like to thank Valerie for encouraging him to audition, as well as Mr. Brody for putting up with his shenanigans in rehearsal. Meow!

  • Anna Martin

    as Drake

    Anna Martin is a senior who plays Drake in Honk! She has been in other shows at HHS in the past, such as Pirates of Penzance and All Together Now! She would like to thank everyone who helped put this show together, and she hopes you enjoy the show!

  • Abigail McFarland

    as Greylag

    As a junior, this is Abby’s fourth production with HHS Drama Club! She also participated in All Together Now and 12 Angry Jurors last school year. She would like to thank the crew and directors for their dedication and attention to detail which really allows both the music and visuals of the show to shine.

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