2 Sides to Sunday: The Musical - March 16

Ideas Equal Freedom, LLC


This production is a Luke 1:37, Philippians 4:13, Romans 8:28,31 proof positive.  I am humbled with the gift given to me that I might encourage, testify and confirm to others of His infinite power that He eagerly wants to ignite in each of us for His glory and our benefit.  I can honestly say without Him, I wouldn't have been and this couldn't have been possible.


I would like to thank my cast:


Bishop Umah L. Miller, Sr.  BRUH!  I appreciate you letting me "do me" and seeing my vision even when I couldn't make it comprehensive.  From the days of SCARCE 1 Entertainment/Media to the current formation, you have always supported me and this God-given ability.  You understood the character, you became him and he, you, and the life needed for the nucleus of this project, you provided.  Greater still, bro, greater still! Love you man!


Joshua M. Perry - I don't even know where to start but I'll give it a shot.  I never mentioned this to anyone, you were my confirmation.  That chance encounter we had years ago when you wanted to quit the Christmas Play and I felt you were going to and before you could I asked that you give me one more rehearsal.  That one rehearsal convinced me that I could be convincing, and God was further diversifying my skills in the arts.  Had I not convinced you, honestly, it may have been my last also.  NOW LOOK AT US! The things that God has shown us through performing arts, the bond that we have and the things that are to come can be described as nothing short of awesome.  Love you man, keep God first in the center and watch Him lift you higher!


Bridgett Adderly-Louis - The voice of an angel and stage presence of a seasoned vet.  You came in and got down! I so appreciate you.  Your inclusion on this project seemed to be tailor-made and I am honored, humbled, and blessed that you gave of your gift with professionalism and awe.  Love you sis!


Demetrius Adams - You never cease to amaze me sir!  The way you brought your character to life I was even questioning "did I really script that or am I witnessing a real interaction?"  We did a lot in a little bit of time, but it seemed that we worked on it forever given your stellar performance and maximum effort.  You are blessed and I am humbly grateful for you agreeing to be a part of this maiden voyage.


Angela Berrian – I am SO glad you gave this a chance.  Your performance is that of a seasoned veteran.  The dedication you gave to character development, dialogue delivery and believable stage presence if you didn't tell me you this was your first, I would have asked to see your list of credits because it came to you very naturally.  I pray this is the first of many more to come for you! Thank you much!



My choir members, Stephanie Josie - sis you have been my inspiration and star that I forever chase.  It is because of your brilliance and masterful artistic expressions and gift that my interest was piqued to even dare to start writing to begin with.  Thank you for your consistent encouragement and unwavering support. Jasmine Miller and Asia Davis – I appreciate the additional "umph" you both provided to make this production that much more believable!  You are truly an inspired truth that the minor is major! Especially the unscripted, you "opened the doors of the church!"


Anthony Smith – Your work ethic, sir, is CRAZY!  You showed up every rehearsal ready to make it better than the last, a true thespian!  Thank you for believability and depth to your characters.



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