2 Sides to Sunday: The Musical - March 16

Ideas Equal Freedom, LLC

 2 Sides to Sunday 

The Beginning
Introduction of Master of Ceremony  
Mykal Josie
Opening Monologue  
Shamus Gordon - Master of Ceremony
Matthew Tranchese
Job's Faith  
Deshawn Anderson and Mykal Josie
About Us (Ideas Equal Freedom)  
Mykal Josie
The First Miracle  
Anthony Smith
Brennan Powell
Peace Be Still  
Christina Josie feat. Marionette D. Jiles-Josie, Alexis, Ashley and AJ Chappell
Introduction of Featured Presentation  
Brennan Powell, Mykal Josie and Christina Josie
Act I  
On This Side
The Pastor's Plea  
Pastor Miller
First Lady's Statement  
First Lady Miller
The Deacon's Say  
Deacon Eddie
...And the Other Side
The Dividing Line  
Deacon Eddie, Jay Martin, Sis. Jones, and Celeste
The Transition
The Narrator
Act II  
What Do We Do Now?
The Church Meeting
(God is Calling Us To) Do More Than We've Already Done  
Pastor Miller, Deacon Eddie, Sis. Jones, and First Lady Miller

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