Evil Dead: The Musical - October 10 - September 22, 2019

Interior Independent Theatre

 End Notes 

Notes from the Director




This whole thing started back in November 2018 when I was drinking an exquisite margarita with a tiny shot bottle sticking out of it. After striking the final showing of UAF’s and IIT’s production of “Avenue Q,” members of the cast and crew were celebrating over enchiladas when the lovely Gwendolyn Brazier pondered aloud “So, what’s next?".


Now, I have been itching to direct something for a long while and will be the first to admit that "Evil Dead: The Musical" was a surprising choice even for myself. My theatrical interests have been geared more towards children's theatre in these last few years but tonight’s musical holds a very special place in my heart. Before venturing to Alaska I was part of a troupe called the Plywood Players and in the hours leading up to a night of theatre, we would get hyped in the makeup rooms up by listening to the musical soundtrack of “Evil Dead.” It's those fond memories with dear friends and love for campy, cheesy goodness that led me to where I am today. I'm honored to have the opportunity to share that love and excitement with all of you.

This production is a total tribute to the 1980s Evil Dead franchise. In fact, if you look closely you’ll find that this show is riddled with Easter eggs directly from the movies (basically a life-size game of Evil Dead I-Spy). You’ll also see familiar characters and hear signature one liners along the way. However, the quality that drew me into this piece was the brilliant marriage between horror comedy. You do not need to know Sam Raimi’s “Evil Dead” in order to enjoy the absurdity of this show.

Now not only is this show a freaking musical with the added challenges of choreography and live music but we also have the added trial of this being a huge technical undertaking. Many of our special effects are cross departmental, meaning designers of costuming, props, set, puppetry, masks--you name it!-- are all working in a constant state of collaboration because one element truly affects and compliments the next. The E.D. team are some of the greatest minds you’ll find in the world and I will forever be grateful for their unwavering commitment, innovative ideas, and inspiring passion for the arts.


Much like the Necronomicon, theatre transports us to other worlds. The work that goes into creating an evening of storytelling takes perseverance, precious time, and communication. The cast and crew are members of our community with jobs, school schedules, families and plenty of other nameless responsibilities that demand what little time they have to spare.


Thank you for taking part in the “Evil Dead” experience. Audience, crew, cast, emotional support demons... All of us make engaging, rewarding community experiences like this possible when we decide to come together to share it.


Thank you.


Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the damn show.

Warm regards, Mary Rose Conlin

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