Evil Dead: The Musical - October 10 - September 22, 2019

Interior Independent Theatre

 Who's Who 

  • Paul Adasiak head shot

    Paul Adasiak

    as Jake

    Paul Adasiak recently directed FDA's The Crucible, a play with less demonic possession, but technically boasting a higher body count, than the spectacle you're "enjoying" tonight. He last worked with IIT in Avenue Q, which called for less blood but more steamy puppet-on-puppet action.  Professionally, Paul haunts the Rasmuson Library, and he prefers his spirits over ice.

  • Alex Bengel head shot

    Alex Bengel

    as Ed

    Alex Bengel was born and raised in Oregon, and first moved to Fairbanks in 2015. He's been involved with productions at FDA, FLOT, and FST and is super excited to finally get to work with IIT.  He can next be seen as Frank-N-Furter in a shadow cast production of Rocky Horror Picture Show. In his spare time he enjoys reading, hiking, and using Oxford commas.

  • Kellie Bernstein head shot

    Kellie Bernstein

    as Annie

    Kellie Bernstein is a UAF alumni and has been involved in UAF's Theatre department since 2013. You may have seen her in IITs "Avenue Q" as Lucy the Slut. When she's not preparing for an obscene amount of stage blood for the show, she's actually trying not to have real blood on herself when she's working as a medical assistant. P.S. She really hopes you're wearing white.

  • Sarah Hulac head shot

    Sarah Hulac

    as Cheryl

    Sarah Hulac has been performing in the Fairbanks area for over a decade, She studied voice under Dr. John Hopkins at UAF, and has performed in shows around Fairbanks. Her most recent role being Heather Chandler from Heather's the Musical. She is very excited to be a part of this amazing cast of deadites! Be sure not to fall ASH-sleep or she may have to SWALLOW YOUR SOUL!!

  • Jacob Pett head shot

    Jacob Pett

    as Professor Knowby

    Jacob Pett is a 36-year-old Gemini who has been Voice Acting for three years, who also enjoys long walks away from people and enjoys cat racing. He's normally self indulgent and hedonistic, but can also be a very sharing person and considerate of others.He is in a relationship with a female, Kimberly, and enjoys the company of their tiny offspring human daughter age 3.

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