The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee - November 19 - November 24, 2019

Jewish Community High School Of The Bay

 Production Team 

  • Laura Jones '21 head shot

    Laura Jones '21

    Assistant Stage Manager & Lights

    Laura is enthused by her chance to assistant stage manage in her sixth show at JCHS. She has acted in four shows including A Flea in Her Ear, and has done light operation for last year's production of NU Wurks 4. She loved stage management and hopes to continue. She hopes you know how hard every cast member worked and that you enjoy the show!

  • Saul Falcone '22 head shot

    Saul Falcone '22

    Assistant Stage Manager & Sound

    This is Saul's fourth show on Tech! After dipping his toes into Stage Management, he has decided to take on the mantle of the Sound God. He wants to thank Laura Jones for being a supportive friend and working on late night issues. He would also like to thank "Avima's mother, their dog, and clowns." Enjoy the show!

  • Leo Leider '23 head shot

    Leo Leider '23

    Running Crew

    This is Leo's first time being part of Tech at JCHS. However, it is his sixth year in total doing theater tech. Leo is thankful to be part of the show and enthusiastic to be part of the theater community. He hopes to continue working with theater tech in years to come.

  • Annabelle Shapiro '21 head shot

    Annabelle Shapiro '21

    Running Crew

    This is Annabelle's third show, and her first time on Tech. She is extremely excited. She hopes that you enjoy the show as much as she does. She would like to thank Mr. McDonald for giving her the opportunity to participate in theatre, and she would like to thank her parents for driving her to school and picking her up from school at night when they could be resting.

  • Sabine Sulka '22 head shot

    Sabine Sulka '22

    Running Crew

    Sabine is thrilled to be working on tech for this production. She diligently learned and worked with the new sound system and hopes you enjoy her work and the show!

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