Alice in Wonderland - November 17 - November 19, 2022

John Champe HS

 End Notes 

Dear Avalon Family, 


       Times Flies! I cannot believe it is already the Fall and time to open our first mainstage of the year! 

       Alice in Wonderland is a story for the kids at heart. It can be played many different ways, but our production is centered around the feelings of growing up and imagination. Alice is on the cusp of the border where kids become adults. She still imagines stories, creating wild tales across her playground, and interacting with creatures of her own creation, but a part of her realizes that time is temporary and precious. I hope you will enjoy your own delve back into wonderland. 

       As always, there is an army of people to thank for helping get this production where it is now. Thank you to my amazing Assistant Director/Artistic Director, Sarah Anderson who came to watch productions and give notes and who helped block, character work and in general "pixie dust" this beautiful show, organized spirit buddies and in general, helped keep us sane. Thank you to our Technical Director, Molly Harper, who I am more than blessed to have in my life. You make actual magic! Thank you to our newest member of the team, Steve Carroll, who we welcomed back to our stage this Fall as our Assistant Tech Director. We're so glad you decided to come back to us even after the rollarcoaster of graduating your twins. I am glad to have your hairbrained schemes rattling through this place once again. Thank you to the many theatre teachers and programs who advocated for many years to have funding for Theatre staff and the School Board for choosing to make it a reality. For most of my years at Champe, it was me, doing the jobs of 12 people and managing sometimes over 100 kids. Having a staff this year has changed my life and the lives of my kids in ways too numerous to count.  Thank you to my Theatre Boosters. Thank you to our Fine Arts Team and all their work helping make realities happen for kids in our programs. Thank you to our admin team for allowing us to do theatre and put up with all our weird requests. Thank you to my bookkeeper (for putting all those orders in). Thank you to our fine arts admin for continuing to push forward despite amazing obstacles. Thank you to my amazing family, especially my HUSBAND who I managed to marry during this show process. I can't believe you decided to be the official Theatre "Dad" even when they attack you anytime you set foot on campus. Thank you to our patrons for their financial support and finally, thank you to you. Without an audience, there is no show. Thanks for coming back and filling seats. 




Nicki Shepherd, Lead Director

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