Alice in Wonderland - November 17 - November 19, 2022

John Champe HS

 Who's Who 

  • Kiera Murray head shot

    Kiera Murray

    as Alice

    This is Kiera's second year with Avalon and her first lead role. She is very happy about this opportunity and hopes you like the show.

  • Justienna Tong-On* head shot

    Justienna Tong-On*

    as Cheshire Cast

    Justienna is a current senior at JCHS

  • Gelasia Farhan* head shot

    Gelasia Farhan*

    as White Rabbit

    Gelasia is a current senior at JCHS

  • Emily Fuentes* head shot

    Emily Fuentes*

    as Caterpillar

    Emily is a current senior at JCHS

  • Gillian Deal head shot

    Gillian Deal

    as Frog Footman

    This is Gillian's 2nd show with Avalon!

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