A Killer Party - April 15 - April 18, 2021

Joliet West High School


A special thanks to our choir parents such as Laura Klima for handling costumes; Maria Janovsky, Karen Newby, and Jodi Pelzer for helping with advertising; and Michelle Fraser, Joanna Marino, Amanda Preis, Karin Randolph, Katherine York, and all those that helped with the cast bags and party.


To Lori Bowen for painting us our very own steamboat, and to Elizabeth Darlin for taking on the ominous task that was “The Board.”  To Ryan Gee and Joshua DeJarlais for additional vocal work.


To Emerson Daniels for lending a helping hand; to Mary Dixon, Caleb Klima, and Lydia Richardson for their contributions and continued support for the program they once belonged to; and to Addison Gibson for aiding the program she has yet to become a part of.


Additionally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the friends and family that worked with the cast members directly: to Shelby Fraser, Maegan Gualberto, Amy Helmer, Karin Randolph, and Sofia Rankin for running lines; to Marie Groh for rehearsing music; to Ezekiel and Quentin Pelzer for loaning us their legos; to Kylie Daniels, Maria Janovsky, Joel Klima, Mary Pelzer, and Brian Ruddy for filming; to Michelle and Brent Fraser for driving to various filming locations around town; and to Amanda Dore, Jennifer and Mark Gualberto, Marie Groh, Laura and Noah Klima, as well as Jodi and Greg Pelzer for allowing their homes to become temporary musical sets.


Finally, thank you to the administration at Joliet West High School for their support of this project.  Thank you to Rick Bain, Brett Marcum, Matt Narducci, Jo Wooten, Dr. Teresa Gibson, and Dr. Karla Guseman.  


Additional stock video and photos supplied from www.videvo.com, www.videezy.com, Jay Miller, www.pixabay.com, and www.pexels.com.  All footage used with proper attributions, licenses, and permissions.

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