A Killer Party - April 15 - April 18, 2021

Joliet West High School


Episode 1: Mayhem & Meatballs  
Sleuth in Duluth  
Detective Case
A Killer Party  
Varthur, Vivika, George, Lily, Cameron, Clarke, Shea, Ensemble
Episode 2: Killer Outside the Door  
Today's Detective  
Justine Case, Ensemble
Vivika, George, Lily, Cameron, Clarke, Shea
Episode 3: Stage Left is Your Right  
Boom! Shout! The Lights Went Out!  
Clarke, Justine Case
Circus on the Sea  
Shea, Ensemble
Episode 4: The New Grand Dame  
Songus Interruptus  
Episode 5: Carl  
Live Out Loud  
Episode 6: Follow Your Nose  
Boom! Shout! (Reprise)  
Detective Case, Justine Case
Wait for My Cue  
Never Miss My Mark  
Vivika, George
I Did it for You  
Vivika, George

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