Newsies - August 02 - August 11, 2019

Journey Theater Arts Group


Prologue - Rooftop, Dawn
Santa Fe  
Jack, Crutchie
Scene 1 - Lodging House & Newsies Square
Carrying the Banner  
Newsies, Jack, Crutchie, Katherine, Darcy, Nuns, Delancey Bros, Wiesel, Davey, Les, Police, Scabs, Brooklyn
Scene 2 - Pulitzer's Office
The Bottom Line  
Seitz, Hannah, Bunsen, Pulitzer, Nunzio
Scene 3 - Street Corner - Jack, Davey, Les, Woman, Snyder, Police
Scene 4 - Medda's Theatre
That’s Rich  
I Never Planned on You  
Jack, Davey, Les, Medda, Stage Manager, Bowery Beauties, Katherine
Scene 5 - Newsies Square, Next Morning
The World Will Know  
Newsies, Jack, Crutchie, Davey, Les, Wiesel, Delancey Bros, Guard
Scene 6 - Jacobi's Deli & Street, Afternoon
The World Will Know (Reprise)  
Newsies, Jack, Crutchie, Davey, Les, Jacobi, Katherine
Scene 7 - Katherine's Office
Watch What Happens  
Scene 8 - Newsies Square, Next Morning
Seize the Day  
Newsies, Jack, Davey, Les, Crutchie, Delancey Bros, Wiesel, Katherine, Goons, Police, Scabs, Snyder
Scene 9 - Rooftop
Santa Fe  
Scene 1 - Jacobi's Deli & Street, Next Morning
King of New York  
Newsies, Davey, Les, Katherine, Jacobi

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