The Lion King Jr - April 07 - April 09, 2017

Judith P. Hoyer Montessori

 Director's Notes and Thanks 


The Lion King is my absolute favorite musical ever! You all are beautiful, budding artists with great energy and commitment to our production. This play artistically tells a story about the Circle of Life. Theatre for us is a tool to enhance natural talents, build confidence and expand our imaginations in a safe space. It is my hope that this experience has planted a seed in you to always “Remember who you are” because you are magnificent beings! 


A big thanks to the pre-show performers who used their imaginations to explore the wonders of storytelling! My wish for you all is to continue growing in the Arts. You bring magic to the stage!



This is the most collaborative team that I have ever worked with! No request went unfulfilled. The talent and resources amongst this group is unprecedented!


Special Thanks To:

My A-Team; Carolyn Berry, Laila Riazi, Hala Durrah, Naureen Khan and Cecilia Malenab. You tirelessly supported in many ways and kept me sane! Team Supreme!


Ms. Spivey White, our principal, for supporting MTP and making way for the possibility;


The teachers and staff for supporting our students participating in the program;


Kris Peerman (Lead) and our gifted set team for your collaborative contributions, creativity, time and labor with the set and props; The set looks superb!


Sandra Thomas (Lead) and our exceptional costume team for bringing innovative designs to life! Your time and energy have ade the cast look amazing! A big thanks to Shakespeare Theatre Costume Shop , especially Kate Hansen, for gifting us your professional expertise to ensure that our children look like pros.


The creative technical geniuses for ensuring that our children are seen and heard!


Lily Thomas (Lead) and makeup team for your clever, beautiful art; I am super proud of Lily, an MTP Almuni, for coming back to design all of the face art!


Greg Mann and Michelle Williams for your splendid graphic artistry. This was a big task and the program looks suoerb!


MTP Families for supporting every need from rehearsing with your child, being backstage parents and photographers, to loading the set in and out, selling tickets/concessions and planning the cast party. You have served our children well!


Finally, my family, my Pride Rock, for always supporting me and making many sacrifices. There were unique challenges this round, but like Rafiki with Simba, you continually encouraged me to press forward. Thank you all for a rewarding experience! 


- Carolyn Davis


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