The Lion King Jr - April 07 - April 09, 2017

Judith P. Hoyer Montessori

 Meet The Cast 

  • Aamani Dellahoussaye head shot

    Aamani Dellahoussaye

    is 8 years old and in the third grade. She enjoys reading, playing and considers herself a good listener. Aamani is making her MTP debut as a hyena and wildebeest.

  • Adejoke Aladekere head shot

    Adejoke Aladekere

    as Sarafina

    is 12 years old in 6th grade. This is Adejoke’s first MTP Production. She enjoys gymnastics and dance. In her free time she likes to draw and sing. She enjoys spending quality time with her family.

  • Adeola Aladekere head shot

    Adeola Aladekere

    is 9 years old in 4th grade. This is Adeola’s first MTP Production. She likes to play the flute, draw, doing science experiments, and enjoy’s the outdoors. She also enjoys going out to eat with her family.

  • Anniah Robinson head shot

    Anniah Robinson

    is 10 years old and in the fifth grade. Anniah is known to be a very nice person and loves dancing. She has a gifted ear for music and plays the clarinet beautifully.

  • Asher Thomas head shot

    Asher Thomas

    is a happy eleven-year old who loves MTP and is performing in his fifth show. The Lion King is a family favorite so he is especially excited to play a hyena and a bird. Asher loves singing, reading, swimming, working outside, Harry Potter, Star Wars, comic books, the family pets and going out for seafood with his Mom and Papa!

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