The Lottery/ The Adventures of Captain Neato Man - November 22

Jupiter High School


**Please be advised that The Lottery and The Adventures of Captain Neato Man both contain elements that have mature themes that require an asterisk for audiences. According to Initenational Thespian Standards, we inform our audiences that these themes exist if they might possibly offend our audiences. 


**The Lottery involves Frank Talk of Death and Violence


**The Adventures of Captain Neato Man contains suggestive refences and relationships, and cartoon gun shots from a toy gun.



Why The Lottery and The Adventures of Captain Neato Man for a first experience her at JHS Theatre?


Good Question, audience member that did not ask it. First off, I am a realist. I thought about shows that could be told with limited sets and limited light and sound cues. Getting to know these students and how they work, was important for me. 


My name is on the wall in the hallway behind the auditorium from when I received the "Best Tech" award for a student directed version of Harvey that I directed in 1998. I thought it could be a great experience for a studnet to learn by being "thrown into the fire" and having to figure it all out on their own(trust that I've been there to help and saying nothing is very difficult for me). I, also, wanted to give a sense of student ownership to this group. I looked for a story that had significant involvement from an ensemble cast. The two schools of thought seemed to be answered when I remebered the profound short story, The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson.


I decided to give it to the Advanced Theatre class as a project and registered the show to compete at the District 15 One Act Festival on November 22nd. The students had to submit a proposal as to how they wanted to tell this specific story. Carlyn Serpone was selected because of her creative view on a classic tale. She has done a wonderful job handling numerous problems that have come up. I'm very proud of the show she has created. I'm sure she is as well. 


For Neato Man, I wanted a show that was the exact opposite of The Lottery. A wacky farce, with a small cast that could also showcase the wonderful talent hiding at JHS. As I've worked on this show for the first time, I have realized that it means so much more than the satire and cynicism it contains. It's a metaphor for my job. As theatre people, we are constantly creating our "own reality". A constant note I give my actors is, "if you see it; we will see it", or ""if you believe it; we will believe it." The world (and Larry) may see Neato as a failure without a "real job" but simply by helping Larry believe, he helps another helpless soul. He becomes a true SUPER HERO that way.


Ultimately, both are very traditional "Barfield" selections: A very serious, gripping drama, and a whacky, off the rails, comedic farce. The students might tell you that both are indicative of elements of how I work in the classroom and rehearsal space as well. Both look to keep you entertained and wanting more.


This has been a wonderful first semester at JHS. I couldn't be more happy with all the work that has been done in a short while by these gifted children. Please Join us in the spring for our musical seection- PIPPIN, April 16-25th. 


-Brad Barfield 






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