The Lottery/ The Adventures of Captain Neato Man - November 07 - November 09, 2019

Jupiter High School


The Lottery Crew Members  
Director- The Lottery  
Carlyn Serpone  
Director- Neato Man  
Bradley Barfield  
Stage Manager- The Lottery  
Jeanna DelVecchio  
Stage Manager- Neato Man  
Chandler Paszkiet  
Assistant Stage Manager  
David Levinson  
Lighting Design- The Lottery  
Ryan Carroll  
Lighting Designer- Neato Man  
Lily Martin  
Light Technicians  
Ryan Carroll, Lily Martin
Sound Design- The Lottery  
Lane Muszick  
Sound Design- Neato Man  
Jane Montgomery  
Sound Technicians  
Gabby Ahl, Charlotte Martin
Poster Design  
Ryan Carroll, Carlyn Serpone, Alissa Cohen
Build/Paint Crew  
Ryan, Brashear, Ryan Carroll, Jeanna DelVecchio


Special Thanks


Dr. Ianitti and the entire JHS Administration and Staff for all the support


Braxton Duke Barfield and the Barfield/ Dutko family


Justin and Dennis Sims borrowed from Jessica, Susan, and Nora Sims


Glenn Powell


...and especially these Students for diving right in, being brave, and solving any problem that presented itself in these fun learning experiences. 


The students involved in The Lottery will be taking the performance to competition at Vero Beach High School on November 22nd. They will be competing with 12 other district area schools. If selected, they will travel the show to the state competition in March, in Tampa. The cost to travel these shows is not cheap and we could use any assistance we can get. Proceeds from ticket sales tonight will help offset the expenses, however we could always use more funding. 


Please consider donating to the program, or sponsoring performances. Email Mr. Barfield at 


Families that helped sponsor with dues:


Special recognition- Maddison Miller and Family!


Also these families paid dues and assisted in the funding of these productions- Warnick, Degnen, Mather, Dennison, Cohen, Brashear/ Logan, Cullen/ Casker, Harding, Carroll, Neville, Cushman, Holloway, Harris, Wodar, Montgomery.












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