Little Shop of Horrors - January 25 - January 28, 2018

Lake Highlands H S


A special thanks go out to the following groups and individuals for their support and who helped make this production a reality:


Principal Dr. Joshua Delich

LHHS Administrative Team

LHHS Administrative Assistant Team

Director of Fine Arts Jeff Bradford

Staff of the Fine Arts Department

RISD Administration

LH Fine Arts Cluster Coordinator Levi Chavis

James Rees and the LHHS Band

Jared Wade/Kari Gilbertson and the LHHS Choir

LHHS Theatre and Tech Theatre classes

Darcee Davis and LHHS Cosmetology

The custodial staff of LHHS

Valerie Springfield and Costuming Crew for costumes

 Weekend Set Crew

Food and Hospitality Crew
Program/Publicity Crew
The LH Community 
Our incredible LH Theatre Booster Club
All of our sponsors, patrons, contributors, and volunteers
DSM and the HSMTA
Dallas Puppet Theater
Greg Dale for assistance with character shots



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