Little Shop of Horrors - January 25 - January 28, 2018

Lake Highlands H S


Lily, we are sooooo excited to see you in your first musical!  - Love, Mom, Dad and Ian


Jacob, we are so incredibly proud of you!  Now is the time for all that hard work to pay off.  Break a leg and have a blast! - Love, Dad, Mom & your favorite sister Sara


Erin, good luck with all the shows.  We love you.  - Dad, Mom, Jimmy and Kevin


We are so proud of our Senior!  Hannah, you are amazing in every way.  #DBU22  - Love you, Mom & Dad


Hannah, congratulations!  I wish you the very best on your performance.  I know you’ll sing with and the beauty and grace that God has given you.  - Derrick Brookins


Hannah, break a leg!  Your gifts, voice, and energy are contagious.  So proud of you!  - Mtr. Rebecca


Hannah, always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and loved more than you know!  Good Luck!  - Love, Emily Lawrence


Hannah, you will be great!  - Love, MO


Hannah, congratulations on an exemplary high school career!  Keep using your beautiful gift!  So proud of you!  - Mrs. Kasselman


Hannah, your talents brightly shine for the Lord!  Have a blast using the gifts that He has given you to bless others.  You are greatly loved!  - Love and hugs, Mrs. Montgomery


Hannah, congratulations on another musical!  It has been a joy to watch you grow into a beautiful and poised young lady.  God has gifted you with an amazing voice, keep on using it for Him!  - Love, Mrs. Craig.


Hannah, you are a delight and joy!  I’ve loved watching you perform!  You are a high-quality person off and on the stage!  Keep living for the Lord and using your talents for Him.  - Love, Mrs. Baker


Hannah, It’s been so much fun seeing your performances over the last few years!  The Lord has blessed you with great talent – let it shine tonight!  Looking forward to seeing where your road leads. -  Sara Malone


Hannah, you’re such a gifted young woman.  I’m so proud of the godly, caring person you are.  Love ya!  - Corrienne


Hannah, you are such a beautiful young lady!  So proud of you – trying and doing so much!  Your sweet spirit is always seen by everyone!  You honor the Lord!  Have fun!  - Love, Mrs. Thames


Hannah, for over 15 years, we have watched you grow from a little girl to a young woman.  From the work you contribute at church, the focus you put into school, your dedication to CCGD, and your enthusiasm for the LHHS theatre, you’ve shown great determination, skill, and talent.  We are so proud for you and excited to see where God will lead you in life.  We love you!  - Jill and Mike Nowell


Hannah, congratulations on all your musical endeavors!  We are very proud of you, and know you will have a bright and beautiful future!  - Love, Harper, Geri & Mark


We love watching you perform!  Break a leg, Blake! - Love, Mom & Dad


You know we hate the dentist, but we love you! Have fun, Blake! - Love, Chelsea and Alison

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