All Together Now! - November 12 - November 14, 2021

Lea County Center for the Arts

 Who's Who 

  • Douglas Levy head shot

    Douglas Levy

    Director/Musical Director

    Douglas is the Program Director at the Lea County Center for the Arts. This is his fourth musical to direct. His directing credits include; 9 to 5, Sister Act, Aida and now, All Together Now! Thank you for your continued support!

  • Cari Combs head shot

    Cari Combs

    Assistant Director

    Cari has been everything from cast dresser to assistant director. Cari has a number of shows under her belt including; Sister Act, Aida, multiple Haunted Houses at the playhouse and just a bout every show at the Community Player of Hobbs. She is currently the LCCA Afterschool Art Teacher and this is her first show at LCCA.

  • kiersten Harkness head shot

    kiersten Harkness

    Stage Manager

    Kiersten Harkness has been busy backstage this year. From being a productive crew member in Aida to stage manager for All Together Now, she has played a helping hand in several shows this year. She always looks forward to working with great cast.


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