Man of La Mancha - January 20 - February 06, 2023

Legacy University


Where do I start - I think I will start with you, beccause if you weren't here right now, our effort would be meaningless. Thank you for supporting us in this adventure. 


Special thanks to Travis Ludlow and Priority Homes who wrote a check for a production that we did not do because of the Pandemic. We held it in account and used it for this one. Thank you 


Thanks to my acting coach Ben Henderson. He inspired this production in more ways than one. 


The impossible dream of putting this together required us all to sacrifice time away from our familes. Thank you to our parents, our spouses, and our friends for allowing us to do this.


Thanks to Brandon McKeachnie, Erica Greenhalgh, Gail Hyde, Martin and Jaime Gilbert, Sam Memmott, Kolby Anderson, Hale Center Theater Orem. You releived so many burdens when the going was tough. 


A special thanks to Joseph Thorn for the many hours spent building the seating platform and our set pieces. 


Thank you Mom for being excited about the dream and supporting it. I love you. 


Thanks to Stacy Thorn for being the heart beat behind this. She supports every dream I have ever had no matter how impossilbe it seems. I love you with all of my heart. 



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