Man of La Mancha - January 20 - February 06, 2023

Legacy University

 End Notes 

Notes From Dr. Andrew Thorn - Executive Producer and Director


I am so proud of this cast. They have worked so hard and dedicatd so much time. This is community theater at its finest. Time and talent are expensive resources and I am thankful for their willingness to invest it in Man of La Mancha.


This is Legacy University's first production in The Barn. Theater at its finest is simple, basic and intimate. We expect you will feel all three of those elements as you experiene our show.


Life is full of dark and shadow and Man of La Mancha illustrates thee ugly and the beauty. Let us never forget that nobility triumphs and virtue always prevails. Think about how you can be more noble and more virtuous, for this is what our world needs. 


There is so much I can say, but let's get on with the show.

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