Little Shop of Horrors - April 04 - April 06, 2019

Legacy Visual and Performing Arts High School

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Legacy Visual & Performing Arts High School 


Dr. Edward Trimis, Principal

Ms. Terri Grinner, AP

Jeina Dadrass, Coordinator

Gricelda Solis, Counselor

Heather Simmons, Counselor


LAUSD/Local District East

Austin Beautner, Superintendent

Dr. Steven McCarthy, Arts Education Branch Senior Director

Jose Huerta, Local District East Superintendent

Dr. Guillermina Jauregui, Director


Arts Faculty

Stacie Craig, Theatre Arts

Miguel Delgado, Technical Theatre

Juan Cuevas, Music

Marcello Sanna-Pickett, Dance

Sara Holland, Art

Nick Adolfo, Media Arts

Emmanual Hernandez, Dance (Afterschool)

Dr. Edward Trimis, Vocal Music (Part-time)

Kevin Patterson, Vocal Music (Visiting Faculty)



David Manzo,

ISLC HS Principal


Carla Barrera-Ortiz,

STEAM HS Principal


Jair Sanchez, Athletic Director


THANK YOU to LAUSD, LAUSD Local District East, LAUSD Arts Education Branch, Legacy VAPA Staff, and our awesome parents, supporters, and community for their support.


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