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Liberty High School


LHS Administration for their support of Lancer Theatre:

Alan Thimmig, Principal

(Metaphorically Breakin' legs and takin' names for Lancer Theatre for over 15 years!)


Mike Sibley, Athletic Director

LiAnne Thiessen, Assistant Principal

Kelly Hoyle, Assistant Principal

Ivan Chambers, Assistant Principal


D20 Administration and Board of Education for their support of Liberty Performing Arts


Special thanks to Tracey Johnson for years of being a Lancer Theatre "Mom," as all three of her amazing boys (Ross, Cole, and Benjamin D.) spent countless hours, literally sacrificing blood, sweat and tears in order to help make Lancer Theatre a home away from home. One of a kind!


All the parents who provided transportation, time, food, support and love while their children worked on this show.


Katie Bradeen, because the Lancer Theatre kids feel like a part of your family!


Erica Skelcey for her love, support and understanding!


Brendan Skelcey for making sure his dad had his Harry Potter facts straight!


Jason Skelcey for demonstrating proper wand technique and keeping the crew on their toes during tech calls!




LHS Performing Arts Department!




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