Puffs -

Liberty High School

 Who's Who 

  • Caden Riehle head shot

    Caden Riehle

    as Wayne Hopkins

    Caden Riehle is a Junior at Liberty High School and he is thrilled to be in his 6th show here. In the past, he has been ensemble for Cinderella, Jesus in Godspell, Lee in Radium Girls, and in 2 Scarborough Fairs. He’d like to tell his mom he loves her and thank his dad for always telling him to be 100% memorized as soon as the rehearsals started. Enjoy the show!

  • Jack Wallen head shot

    Jack Wallen

    as Oliver Rivers

    Although he has taken theatre class, this is Jack's first Lancer Theatre production, and he is proud and thrilled to be a Puff!

  • Brianna Johnson head shot

    Brianna Johnson

    as Megan Jones

    Brianna, a junior, is very honored to be a Puff! Some of her past performances include Ms. Berry in Radium Girls, Ensemble in Godspell, Scarborough Fair and dance concerts. She has loved getting to work with everyone and is excited to continue to grow and learn from here. She would like to thank her mother and father for all their love and support.

  • Ashleigh Parish head shot

    Ashleigh Parish

    as Narrator

    Puffs is Ashleigh’s fourth production with Lancer Theatre. In 2017, Ashleigh was inducted into ITS, joining troupe 1424 at Cox High School. She was a very active member of Falcon Stage Company, however last year, she moved from Virginia Beach to Colorado Springs. She is very thankful that Liberty, specifically the theatre department, has welcomed her with open arms. She hopes you enjoy the show!

  • Isaac Metzler head shot

    Isaac Metzler

    as Ernie Mac and others

    Isaac Metzler (Ernie Mac) is in his second theatre performance, his first one being Radium Girls. He is very excited to be part of this wonderful comedy. Isaac has enjoyed his time in theatre and thanks Mr. Skelcey for this great opportunity.

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