Puffs -

Liberty High School


Cast Members  
Wayne Hopkins  
Caden Riehle  
Oliver Rivers  
Jack Wallen  
Megan Jones  
Brianna Johnson  
Ashleigh Parish  
Ernie Mac and others  
Isaac Metzler  
Hannah, Professor McG and others  
Mackenzie Block  
J. Finch Fletchley, Uncle Dave and others  
Camden Sharkey  
Leanne, Ginny and Frenchy  
Chase Smith  
Sally Perks and others--Publicity and Playbill Crew Chief  
Angela Allen  
Susie Bones, Harry and others  
Abigale Stowe  
Cedric and Mr. Voldy  
Olivia Wells  
Ensemble, Goyle, Hermeoone #3, u/s J. Finch, Assistant Propsmaster  
Bailey Watson  
A Certain Potions Teacher/Viktor, Ensemble, Death Buddy  
Fred Williams  
Ensemble, Dragon, Death Buddy, u/s Sally Perks, Susie Bones  
Leah Comfort  
Ensemble, Death Buddy, u/s Megan Jones  
Lis Montanha Hayon  
Ensemble, Myrtle, Death Buddy, u/s Hannah, Leanne, Narrator  
Madison Zollars  
Ensemble, Clumsy Longbottom, u/s Wayne Hopkins, Oliver Rivers  
Marcus Romero  
Production / Creative  
Steve Skelcey  
Technical Consultant/Choreographer  
Leslie K. Williams  
Original Underscore  
Brian Metolius  
Original Sound Design  
Matt Cox  

This production may include material which represents diverse community, cultural, societal, and religious traditions, practices, beliefs, and norms.  It is presented solely for educational and entertainment value, and does not constitute an endorsement in whole or part, implicitly or explicitly, by Liberty High School or Academy School District 20.

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