Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play - October 15 - October 16, 2020

Liberty High School


Crew Chiefs  
Production Stage Manager  
Kai Hagler  
Assistant Stage Manager  
David Vigil  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Sarah Johnston  
Costume Crew Chief  
Karly Runge  
Makeup Crew Chief  
Jennifer Goldstein  
Props Crew Chief  
Emily Cook  
Sound Crew Chief  
Savannah Vohsman  
Microphone Manager  
Briar Irrigang  
Set Crew Chief  
Collin Randall  
Front of House Manager  
Alissa Dahl  
Paint Crew Chief  
Kate Vasquez  
Lighting Crew  
Hailey Bos
Sound Crew  
Kenny Barnes  
Paint Crew  
Alissa Dahl, Karly Runge, Jax Maynor, Emma Snider
Costume Crew  
Brianna Simbenga, Charee Finley, Analee Loosli, Sydney Sumner
Props Crew  
Mia Thompson, Bailey Watson
Microphone Crew  
Sarah Ulmer  
House Crew  
Bailey Watson, Javi Popoca, Jonah Dahl, Sarah Ulmer, Leah Comfort
Set Crew  
Keira Zeigler, Hailey White, Alex Ahlers, Haley Bos, Justis Falcon, Natalie Kowalski, Caleb Foulks, Kate Vasquez
Hair and Makeup Crew  
Rochelle Campbell, Kiara Davis, Brooke Gaughan, Andrea Melgr, Brianna Tuttle, Leah Comfort

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