The Glassblower's Daughter: An American Fairy Tale - October 17 - October 31, 2020

Lightning House Players
Lightning House Players




Music and Lyrics by

Kelvyn Koning

Book by

Zareh Artinian, Jr.


Stage Manager

Amberly Soto


Production Engineer

Jay Psaros

Graphic Designer

Susan Ramey

Musical Direction by

Kelvyn Koning


Directed by

Zareh Artinian, Jr.



The events depicted in this tale occur in the mythical new colony of Newtowne in the New World where everything is new, sometime shortly after the Old World discovered the “New” World. Suspiciously similar to Jamestowne, circa 1607.



We recognize that the land on which we live and are currently working on this show are on the traditional homelands of the Massachusett, Mi’kmaq, Nipmuck, and Wompanoag peoples. We acknowledge the painful history of our predecessors here, and we honor and respect the many indigenous peoples still connected to this land on which we gather. We also recognize and acknowledge the enslaved Africans, who have lived, been subjugated and exploited to provide free labor, and toiled on the grounds where we currently live and work.




I am an idealist. I recognize the suffering in the world and the brutality that people have inflicted upon others. I am not naïve nor do I turn a blind eye to humanity’s brutal history, especially as it has played out, and continues to play out, in the land currently referred to as the Americas.


I present this show as a fairy tale to show what might have been possible had different choices been made. I want people to realize that just because the world has always been a certain way that does not mean it always must be that way. I offer this little tale as a means to get people thinking in less fatalistic ways, to imagine what might be possible, and to do the hard work needed to make that quixotic Utopia a reality.


Zareh Artinian, Jr.

Sept 1, 2020