The Glassblower's Daughter: An American Fairy Tale - October 17 - October 31, 2020

Lightning House Players


Act I  
Prologue: The Glassblower's Cottage
A Priceless Pearl  
Emma, George, Young Sandy, Sandy, Ensemble
Scene 1: The Glassblower's Workshop
Fire and Glass  
Scene 2: Market Square
Gonna Be a Good Day  
Potter, Hatter, Kiminuna, Tailor, Customer, Painter, Ensemble
Learn to Love Me  
Scene 3: The Glassblower's Cottage
Waiting Around for You  
Scene 4: The Glass Palace Construction Site
The Next Big Thing  
Governor Littleworth, Lady Littleworth, Foreman
Scene 5: The Glassblower's Workshop
Desperate Times  
Scene 6: The Governor's Manor House
Manifest of Destiny*  
Governor Littleworth, Lady Littleworth, Captain Shrug
Scene 7: The Beach
Sandy, Percival
Scene 8: The Glass Palace Construction Site
Scene 9: Market Square
Scene 10: The Glassblower's Workshop
Scene 11: Newtowne Colony Port
The Chopping Block  
Captain Shrug, Master of Revels, Katerina, Contortionist, Ensemble
Scene 12: The Glassblower's Workshop
Ready to Fight for You  
Sandy, Percival, George, Soldier, Ensemble
*Lyrics to "Manifest of Destiny" by Zareh Artinian, Jr.  
Scene 1: The Glassblower's Workshop

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