Seussical - February 03 - February 04, 2023

Lindenhurst High School

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Kenny Menacho head shot

    Kenny Menacho

    Head Carpenter

    Kenny is a senior and has been involved in stage crew for 3 years. The time he spent involved in the theater life definitely makes it safe to say he enjoys what he is doing.

  • Jared Lindenberg head shot

    Jared Lindenberg

    Assistant Head Carpenter

    Jared Lindenberg is a great person who always works hard on anything he puts his mind to for the stage crew. He will help out any underclassmen who doesn't know what they should be doing or what they could be doing to improve.

  • Sofia Khan head shot

    Sofia Khan


    Sofia has been a part of set designs for the past 2 years. With numerous roles throughout a handful of production, it's safe to say that she enjoys the theater life. She has always been excited working with various parts of the team, and she is glad to have helped bringing this show to you.

  • David Gonzalez head shot

    David Gonzalez


    This is David’s senior year and his second year being a part of the Lindenhurst Drama Department and stage crew. He’s excited to make this the best Seussical production ever.

  • Nevaeh L. Teran head shot

    Nevaeh L. Teran


    This is Nevaeh's second year of drama and stage crew. She is this year's head of set design. This is also her last year of high school, and has made it the best so far.

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