Seussical - February 03 - February 04, 2023

Lindenhurst High School


Thank yous


My mom and dad who have always supported me in every single endeavor I’ve ever taken.


Mr.Smith for being such an inspiring mentor, teacher, and friend.


Mr.Pike for his instilled faith in me and his constant mentorship.


Mrs.Slater and Mr.Ricciardi for being such supportive friends and for keeping me sane during the rehearsal process. 


Mr.Guthke, Maggie Cunningham, the construction crew, and the cast for helping create such a beautiful set.


Mrs.Tricia Buckley and Sineade Buckley for their commitment and tireless dedication to the Lindenhurst Theater Department.  


Miss.Debbie, Mr.Ted, and the entire South Shore Theater Experience for teaching me skills in stage creation and acting.


Jon Trapani and the music department for the enormous amount of support I’ve received throughout my musical journey here at Lindenhurst.


Marcy Miller, Donna Smawley, and the entire Lindenhurst Administration for always teaching me how to lead with strength and resilience.



High School Principal: Dr. Candice Brodie and the Assistant Principals:  Dr. Matthew Boccanfuso, Joseph Crifo, Dr. Daniel Noviello, Daniel Royle, Nancy Scaccia for all that they have done to support our program.


The Albany Avenue Elementary School Faculty.


The West Gates Elementary School Faculty. 


The Allegheny Avenue School Faculty.


The Lindenhurst High School Faculty.


The Lindenhurst Board of Education

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