Radium Girls - October 26 - October 28, 2023

Loveland High School Performing Arts Boosters


This year's production could not have come together without the help of so many wonderful people.  We would like to especially thank 


- The LHS custodial staff for always taking care of us


- Kaleb Thueson for taking on sound


- Loveland High Performing Arts Boosters for...well too many things to name! You are beyond appreciated and we are so lucky to have your support. 


- Jackson Mueller for always showing up for LHS


- Hailey Bergstrom for headshots


- Wendy Thompson for the action photos


- Matt Blumenstein for the support and scheduling of this space


- All the parents who donated props, time, hours, food


- Chris Thornton for set construction


- Matt Braggins & his special helper Judah for the hours of work on tech!


- Lost Marbles for letting us borrow costumes


- Ability Composites for all the batteries


- Fort Collin's Children's Theatre for costumes


- English Department for always listening to our rants!

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