Radium Girls - October 26 - October 28, 2023

Loveland High School Performing Arts Boosters


I am honored to bring such an empowering story to the LHS stage. While so incredibly tragic, Radium Girls is truly a show that questions what is good and evil? Is there a gray? What will people settle for? How do we face hard truths? Watching the journey of both Roeder and Grace unfold, you can't help but feel compassion and yet disgust with Arthur Roeder. You can't help but fall in love with the sweetness of Grace and then root for her as she finds both her voice and courage to fight for what is right.


The staging of this show and the complexity of having actors play multiple roles was a fun new challenge for us as a team to take on as well. I found the script ingenious by using a few props as fluid pieces and having actors take on the challenge of small costume changes to transform into a new persona. Please make sure you follow the scene breakdown for the locations and the cast list to keep it straight!


Overall, this production has been such a dream to work on because of our amazing students. The amount of professionalism, drive, and passion that these students bring with them to every rehearsal is unparalleled. I am always in awe of how darn talented our students are here.


And I have to thank...


My amazing seniors:


Leah - We have laughed, cried, hugged, etc together. You are such a beautiful soul. 


Ireland - Thanks for coming back after ditching me your sophomore year! I adore you and you are one talented person.


Bailee- Thank you for always being willing to do extra! Your dedication is appreciated.


Daniel - So happy you joined us! Thanks for taking a chance on us!


Mason - I am so glad we finally got you in a fall play. Thanks for killing it!


Ellory - I'm so glad you were able to join our team this year!


Eva - We are gonna miss you so much. Your artistic skills are SO impressive.


Kaylee - Thanks for splitting time with us and cheer! We are lucky to have you and your smile!


Harper - You are a rockstar for stepping up for us! Glad we finally got a full production together.


Caitlyn - You have been such a rock for this department. I am so proud of your growth. Thank you for everything.


Zoe - You are such a joy to work with, even though you pranked me. Watch out backstage :)


I have laughed, learned, and loved so much with these seniors. Most of you have been with me for YEARS and I am forever grateful for our time together. You will be so missed!


Now please enjoy the show!


--Karen Bieser


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