Clue: On Stage [High School Edition] - December 06 - December 08, 2019

Manheim Central High School's Baron Stage


Dear Nickea and Tenaya, Enjoy your time as "Mrs. Peacock." Don't let anything "ruffle your feathers." :) Have fun and we wish you both the BEST! Love, Mom and Dad


Gabe, Nina, Connor, Brooke, Mason, Luke, TJ, Tenaya, Nickea, and Jasmine: you're going to KILL it! -Mikayla


Break a leg, everyone! I know you all will be great! Mrs. DiSanza


Break a Leg, Alysa. I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished in the theatre at MCHS. Love, Gina


Great job, River! ~Miss Monteleone and Mrs. McMaster


TJ, we had no clue that you would turn out to be such an amazing young man. We are excited to continue to watch you on stage! Much love, Mom, Dad, and Zoe


Zoe, we can’t wait to be ushered in to see this show. Keep up the motivation and stay in the moment. Much love, Mum, Dad, and TJ


TJ and Zoe, break a leg! Love, Abuela, Pa, and Uncle Tom


TJ, you are doing really great. I always enjoy watching you backstage! Love, Zoe


Zoe, I'm so happy that we get to do a show at the high school together! You're doing a fantastic job as an Usher and I can't wait to do more shows with you this year! Break a leg! I love you! -TJ


Ben, for one of your first shows, you're absolutely killing it! It's been such a pleasure playing Colonel Mustard with you and I know you're gonna kill it. Break a leg! -TJ Faulkner


Ben, we are so proud of you! Break a leg, Colonel Mustard! Love, Dad, Mom, and Cassie


Luke, from luring cats into mailboxes and Roman Statues, you have made us laugh, you are a joy! Have fun and break a leg. Mom, Dad, and Caleb (No actual cats were harmed in the writing of this shout-out.)


Luke, to the boy who rode a unicycle and did a 6 foot vertical leap in the same show, you light up the stage. Love, your Washington D.C. fan club (Jeff, Jude, Lexie, and Abi) P.S. This is a warning for the real shout-out we're gonna give at curtain call.


Nina - Enjoy the moment and give your best performance. As the curtain closes on your last high school play, know we couldn't be more proud of both the actress and woman you have grown to be. Much love, Mom and Dad


Best of luck on stage forever and always, Nina... Love, Pappy and Mawmaw



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