Clue: On Stage [High School Edition] - December 06 - December 08, 2019

Manheim Central High School's Baron Stage

 Director's Note 

Notes from the Director:


The first time I stood on this stage as a director, I looked out over the empty audience, up at the lights, and into the wings while I imagined what a team of creative, dedicated, and hardworking individuals could do to transform this into a theater of love, learning, and support. I’m pretty sure that was the last quiet moment I experience on this stage, and I’m equally sure I was overwhelmed, but I am extremely proud to present that theater and that team to you today.


This production has been a learning experience for us all, and while we haven’t figured it all out yet (does anyone, really?), I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished. The quality of the cast, crew, and volunteers are outstanding. To watch these actors grow into their parts and begin to shine on the stage, was worth every broken prop, late night, and weekend.


I truly have a fantastic team (Kami, Megan, and Joe) of hardworking individuals who are dedicated to Baron Stage and to you I wish to convey my mountain of gratitude. Thank you for pouring your love into this.


To the parents and friends of everyone who went into making this production work; you’re the true heroes. You kept us fed, drove us to rehearsal, and made sure we got some light when we began to wilt. For that, we thank you!


To my actors, crew, and creative team, thank you for embracing my dream and making it your own. 


To my tech crew, specifically Alexa, Annika, Liv, and Michael, you stuck it out and made this work. Thank you for your expertise and your dedication to learning. 


To my children and husband, I love you; thank you for your tireless support and your willingness to eat just about anything on rehearsal nights.


To Ben and Curtis, thank you for lending a helping hand and endless working nights. This program really wouldn't be where it is without your thoughtfulness and hard work. 


To my seniors, you are so talented. The world doesn’t deserve the magic you can make on this stage, but I know you’ll make it a little better with your art.


I hope you are proud of this truly successful production; so much love has gone into what you see on this stage. If we keep moving forward with love and light in our hearts, Baron Stage will never faulter. -- Amber Friel, November 2019

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