Guys and Dolls - July 23 - July 31, 2016

Marshalltown Community Theatre


Cast Members  
Nicely-Nicely Johnson  
Mike Luttrell  
Benny Southwest  
Chad Weir  
Rusty Charlie  
Aaron DeBoer  
Sarah Brown  
Libby Crawford  
Arvide Abernathy  
Randy Weir  
Agatha - Mission Band Member  
Erin Faas  
Clara - Mission Band Member  
Shelby Butcher  
Martha - Mission Band Member  
Heather Lee  
Nathan Detroit  
Craig Luttrell  
Harry the Horse  
Chandler Fisher  
Society Max  
Mike Nablo  
Angie the Ox  
Nathan Bloomquist  
Sky Masterson  
Dean Messerly  
Big Jule  
Ken Walton  
Lt. Brannigan  
Bill Roberts  
Miss Adelaide  
Megan Assenmacher-Umthun  
Mimi, A Hot Box Girl  
Natali Jolley  
General Matilda B. Cartwright  
Nicole Lynch  
Hot Box Girl  
Brenda Livengood
Hot Box Girl  
Erin Duffy  
Hot Box Girl  
Rachael Lee  
Bobby Soxer  
Anna Bella Nablo
Bobby Soxer  
Regan Kerwood  
Ray Helland  
Cuban Dancer  
Megan McHenry  
Cuban Dancer  
Doston Harrelson  
Ensemble Actors  
Anna Bella Nablo, Bill Roberts, Brenda Livengood, Chandler Fisher, Erin Duffy, Mike Nablo, Natali Jolley, Nathan Bloomquist, Nicole Lynch, Rachael Lee, Regan Kerwood, Ray Helland, Becky Mounsdon, Rick Gooding, Barb Lageschulte & Peggy Schoer

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