Guys and Dolls - July 23 - July 31, 2016

Marshalltown Community Theatre


Crew Members  
Rick Gooding  
Assistant Director  
Becky Mounsdon  
Stage Managers  
Barb Lageschulte and Peggy Schoer
Kimi Benson  
Vocal Music Director  
Brianna Yates  
Orchestral Director  
Brett Umthun  
Set Design/Construction  
Kevin Lageschulte  
Set Construction Team  
Kevin Lageschulte and Kevin Holubar
Stage Properties Crew  
Peggy Schoer, Barb Lageschulte, Rick Gooding
Lighting Design  
Tom LaVille  
Lighting Crew  
Tom LaVille, Nathan Bloomquist
Sound Design  
Stacy Heil  
Sound Board Operator  
Andrew Woltjer
Costume Design/Construction  
Mary Curley, Lynn Maas, Elaine Hoffman, Connie Jensen
Hair/Make-up Design  
Nicole Lynch, Shelby Butcher & Cast
Production Photographer  
David Foix  
Publicity & Marketing  
Shannon Mitchell  
Box Office & Ushers  
Peggy Schoer  
Program Design  
Shannon Mitchell & Julie Kruse Brewer
Kids Acting Academy Instructors  
Laura Stansberry, Vanessa Engel, Karina Hernandez, Bill Roberts, Libby Crawford, Erin Duffy, Sue Crawford

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