Ramona Quimby - February 11 - February 19, 2017

Marshalltown Community Theatre


Cast Members  
Ramona Quimby  
Ava Hendricks  
Beezus Quimby  
Sydney Hotchkiss  
Mrs. Dorothy Quimby  
Laura Stansberry  
Mr. Bob Quimby  
Dan Vellinga  
Aunt Bea  
Shelly Tuttle  
Howie Kemp  
Jason Strand  
Uncle Hobart  
Scott Lindborg  
Mrs. Kemp  
Becky Mounsdon  
Mrs. Griggs/Selma  
Allison Fisher  
Susan and Understudy for Ramona  
Mara Whitehead  
Kennedy Bolivar  
Doctor/Voice of Mr. Frost  
Ken Walton  
Pastor Nan  
Nan Smith  
Ronan Ham  
Ensemble and Understudy for Beezus  
Lexi Huntrods  
Ensemble and Understudy for Susan  
Hallie Kuhlers  
Garrett McKibbin  
Ensemble and Understudy for Howie  
Maggie Stansberry  
Samuel Wilder  
Ensemble and Understudy for Tammy  
Averi Bolar  






The play takes place over the course of a year, during the 1960s,

in and around Klickitat Street, Portland, Oregon.

(Known as "The City of Roses")



There will be a fifteen minute intermission between acts.

(Refreshments available in the lobby)

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