Grease - July 19

Marshalltown Community Theatre


(In order of appearance:)  
Miss Lynch, English Teacher  
Lisa Naig  
Patty Simcox, Cheerleader  
Madelyn Hibbs  
Eugene Florczyk, Class Valedictorian  
Freddy Ross  
Jan, Pink Lady  
Justeen Vajgrt  
Marty, Pink Lady  
Sadie Cahalan  
Betty Rizzo, Leader of the Pink Ladies  
Holly Roseland  
Doody, Burger Palace Boy  
Sam Rude  
Roger, Burger Palace Boy  
Dylan Hutzel  
Kenickie, Burger Palace Boy  
Gabriel Duden  
Sonny Latierri, Burger Palace Boy  
Cody Harkins  
Frenchy, Pink Lady  
Kya Naughton  
Sandy Dumbrowski, New Girl at School  
Elizabeth McRae  
Danny Zuko, Leader of the Burger Palace Boys  
Benjamin Charles James Paper  
Vince Fontaine, Radio Disc Jockey  
John Gill  
Johnny Casino, Greaser  
Grant Gale  
Cha-Cha Digregorio, Blind Date  
Ana Nolasco  
Teen Angel, Singer  
Carter Richerodt  
Erin Duffy  
Taylor Naughton  
Makhiley Rosalez  
Ashlyn Ruiz  
Rick Gooding  
Assistant Director & Stage Manager  
Bill Roberts  
Lighting & Sound Design  
Grant Gale  
Light Board Operator  
Rylena Hornberg  
Nathan Thill, David Hernandez, Stacy Heil
Peggy Schoer, Barb Lageschulte, Rick Gooding  

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