Murder on the Nile - March 01 - March 10, 2019

Marshalltown Community Theatre

 End Notes 


To Everyone:


Thank you,


This could not have been acomplished without the dedication of all the cast, crew, MCT board, and the Marshalltown community as a whole.


Thank you audience members for choose to suppoirt, not only your community members, but the arts as a whole. Supporting MCT hlps to support performances, theater maintenance, our technology, budgeting for kids acting acedemy and so much more. once again thank you for your support!



About the Director:


Bill Roberts has been a big player with the Marshalltown Community Theatre for... lets jsut say more than a few years. He has a passion for the works of Agatha Christe, anything with a mystery. Throughout his time with MCT he has been more than willing to lend his talents on and off the stage. He bings his cheerful attitude into every aspect of the theater, and MCT would not be the same without hime. Bill Tanks for putting on another great show!

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