Murder on the Nile - March 01 - March 10, 2019

Marshalltown Community Theatre

 CAST & Crew 

Cast Members  
1st Beadseller  
Garrett McKibbin  
2nd Beadseller  
Michael Gill  
3rd Beadseller  
Averi Bolar  
Abbey Riley  
Miss Ffoliot-FFoulkes  
Regina Gill  
Christina Grant  
Katie Lyons  
William Smith  
Casey Cook  
Rocio Villagomez  
Dr. Bressner  
Lily Larsen  
Kay Mostyn  
Regan Kerwood  
Simon Mostyn  
Jason Vajgrt  
Canon Pennefeather  
Kenneth "Hobz" Hooley  
Jacqueline de Severec  
Amy Haney  
Warren Riley  
Production / Creative  
William "Bill" Roberts  
Assistant Director  
Caleb Carver  
Props And Stage Crew  
Rick Gooding,
Peggy Schoer,
Barb Evans-Lageschulte
Lighting & Sound Crew  
Nathan Bloomquist
Grant Gale
Stacy Heil
John Gill
Ellie Draisey
Set Design and Construction  
Ken Walton
Ken Rasmussen

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