The Charitable Sisterhood of the Second Trinity Victory Church - April 26 - May 05, 2019

Marshalltown Community Theatre

 Who's Who 

  • Nicole Lynch head shot

    Nicole Lynch

    as Tina Yates

    Recently awarded an Outstanding Performer Award at the 2019 Iowa Community Theatre Association (ICTA) Festival, Nicole Lynch brings her tremendous talent and experience once again to our stage. You may remember her from her role in 'And Then There Were None' or her directorial debut in "The Butler Did It", or even when she got engaged to her fiance live on stage last fall!

  • Tena Hausafus head shot

    Tena Hausafus

    as Lorraine Jensen

    You might remember Tena from her show stealing role in the previos production of "Evil Dead", as the girl who mopped up all the fake blood. In addition to mopping up the red stuff, she also stole our hearts. She traded her mop in for a script and away she was to become Lorraine!

  • Shelly Tuttle head shot

    Shelly Tuttle

    as Bea Littleton

    This is Shelly's second production with MCT, her first role was in "Ramona Quimby" where she was also named Bea! This role will sure BE a breakout role for this BEAutiful actress. BE sure to note that this mother, grandmother, and motorcycle enthusiast is not afraid to BE in the spotlight. BE-rake a leg BEA... I mean Shelly. 

  • Emily Stone head shot

    Emily Stone

    as Janet Murchison

    Emily has to be getting tired. She has been involved in four productions in the last year! Starting as a tree in the Wizard of Oz, then branching out to be Annie in Evil Dead the Musical, to playing several obnoxious women at the 2019 ICTA festival (where she won an award for outstanding set design). With so much momentum, is there anything to stop this rolling stone?

  • Shelby Butcher head shot

    Shelby Butcher

    as Riley Reynolds

    This will be Shelby's first time in front of MCT's curtain. She is mostly known at MCT for her contributions in the hair and makeup department, with her work  seen in The Wizard of Oz, Evil Dead the Musical, and The Butler Did It. Shelby lives  here in Marshalltown and works for REM Iowa helping adults with intellectual disabilities. 

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