Disney's Beauty and the Beast - February 29 - March 02, 2024


 Senior Bios 


Adriana Buvac-Drndic, Drums

Adriana began her percussion journey in 5th grade with Mr.Chuong, being selected for the orchestra in 6th grade and being a part of it ever since. She has been in the percussion section for the school musical since 10th grade (the first year back in-person from quarantine) and finds a lot of joy in her role, playing really fun and cool music alongside her peers. She would like to thank Ms.Neu for all the work she puts in to make the orchestra sound good, along with all the logistical planning that she does for the musical. Additionally, she would like to thank Mr.Chuong for being such an amazing and supportive drum teacher for the past eight years, and to all of the other seniors involved in the musical for their dedication which has made this entire production so delightful to be a part of.


Lily Chancey, LeFou

Lily is so excited to bring Beauty and the Beast to the Masterman stage, and couldn’t imagine finishing her senior year with a better group of people. since On the Town in fifth grade, she’s been in the musical every year, recently playing Serena in Legally Blonde. she acts on occasion, and just finished her run of What the Constitution Means to Me at the Arden Theatre Company. you can catch her in the upcoming production of Madagascar at the Walnut St Theatre, where she will be fulfilling one of her dream roles of Skipper the Penguin.


Molly Hatfield, Ensemble

Molly has been a part of the Masterman musicals since she was in sixth grade, appearing in Legally Blonde, Pippin, Willy Wonka, Shrek, and Oliver. She has been doing musical theater since she was five and absolutely loves the community she's found through the arts. She's a member of Masterman's Sweet Sixteen a cappella, and is a member of choir and chamber choir. She has loved being a part of Beauty and the Beast and is so grateful to get to be a part of this Masterman show with this cast and crew. She wants to thank Dr. Shapiro for the hours spent teaching music part by part, Ms. Neu for making so much happen and for being an amazing music theory teacher, and Allie and Kimmy for making our high school shows amazing. She would also like to thank her family and friends.


Jasper Hinchman, Light Crew Captain

Jasper has been a part of Tech Crew since he was in seventh grade. Originally having a small interest in stage tech, Mr. Comfort decided to let him join despite being so young. His first Masterman musical was Shrek in 2019. From then on, he has continued to enjoy giving light to numerous musicals from the balcony, and hopes to continue doing so in college. He would like to thank Mr. Comfort for being his stage tech mentor, cross-country coach, chemistry teacher, and many other things over the years, as well as his fellow stage tech members for making the past six years so enjoyable.


Jessica Hou, Flute

Jessica has loved playing the flute and been interested in classical music since middle school. She has been involved with the Masterman Pit Orchestra since freshman year and appreciates the close community that it has formed. Jessica's favorite Masterman musical production is Pippin, especially Pippin's fourth wall shout-out to the orchestra in the finale. She would like to thank Ms. Neu for supporting her through her musical journey and her peers in the orchestra that have made the past four years special.



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