Heathers The Musical - July 29 - August 07, 2022

May River Theatre


A true community theatre is only as strong as the community that supports it.


Heathers the Musical has young people from five different high schools as well as adults from throughout the greater Bluffton area. We would like to thank the educators and families that have provided them with the support and encouragement needed to perform for you all tonight.


Where many local businesses support MRT through advertisements in their businesses as well as on their social media, a few local businesses have gone above and beyond in their support and we would like to thank them. Eggs 'N' Tricities for featuring MRT as the July local non-profit organization and for their assistance with our scrunchie fundraiser, Fretworks for their sound reinforcement and logistical support, and the Savannah Theatre for their generosity and continuous support of local theatre through their equipment rental.


Thank you to the Town of Bluffton for its continual support as well.



"Heathers suggests that these characters are not necessarily bad people. They are the human product that results when you take several hundred young people at the most hormonally ravaged, physically awkward, and emotionally insecure period of their lives and dump them into a giant social terrarium with minimal supervision. The chaos and cruelty that ensues is unsurprising." (concordtheatricals.com)


The directors, cast and crew acknowledge the sensitive topics that occur in this show. The arts provide us with a way to look deeply at issues that truly plague the society within which we live, including our schools. Suicide, gun violence, and many other topics explored in Heathers the Musical are worthy of the discussions that will surely take place as you leave our theatre. 


If you or anyone you know is thinking of suicide and needs assistance please reach out to the new 988 National Suicide Prevention Line. 


Heathers the Musical highlights bullying and the impact this cruelty can have. It is important that we stay cognizant of the impact our words and actions can have. Leave here and remember that by standing up and speaking out you can make a difference in a person's life.


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