Heathers The Musical - July 29 - August 07, 2022

May River Theatre


A message from the Director,


As a high school educator for nineteen years, I have often been asked how I "put up with teenagers" on a daily basis. The answer is simple. I understand that they are just trying to figure out how they fit into this complex world. They are going to make mistakes, but if I'm lucky I get to help them navigate a path to becoming amazing adults. I've witnessed their struggles, I've felt their pain, and I've celebrated their triumphs. Where Westerburg High, the meanest school on Earth, shows us the extreme, all of us that have survived high school remember the highs and the lows, and the intensity of it all. 


Venturing into Heathers I first had to convince the MRT Board that it was a story worthy of telling in all of its extremes. That the greater Bluffton community was ready to take this journey and explore the teenage condition. I am thankful for their support and trust in me. I appreciate the hard work they all did behind the scenes to make sure this production was a success. A special thanks to Cindy, our newest board member.


My next challenge was finding a Music Director that would be as passionate about telling this story as I was. I will never be able to thank Elissa Horrell enough for bringing David McLaughlin into my life. David's decades of experience and his devotion to this production and cast made this show happen.


In directing Heathers I am blessed that I got to share this experience with a cast and crew of past students, friends, family and new to me friends. The diverse backgrounds and experiences made this a complex theatre family, but a family nonetheless. They are a representation of what community theatre should be. I am lucky that I could be part of their journey and that they all trusted me to be their stage mom...in the best sense of the word.


Speaking of family, their endless support is everything. Thank you for putting up with a living room that looks more like a costume/prop shop. Thank you specifically to my husband Donny for dealing with whatever sound/light/set issue I am having and for preparing all those late night meals. Thank you to my daughter Cait. There is no part of this journey I could have done without you and I will forever be grateful for introducing me to this show years ago and for these two months we have had together.


Finally I would like to thank the volunteers. You are also a crucial part of the MRT family and without you, none of this is possible. 


It is with great pride that I present this group of performers. The work they have put into this show has made it beautiful! Now sit back, put on your scrunchie and enjoy the show!


Elizabeth Schlieger

Director Heathers the Musical

MRT Board President


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