Shrek The Musical Jr - March 15 - March 24, 2019

McLaughlin Theatre Company

 End Notes 

Hello and Welcome to Shrek Jr. 

The story of Shrek is a lot like our Juniors cast... 
It stinks? (No) 
It's loud? (No) 
You feed them too many sweets before rehearsal and they can't remember their lyrics an hour later? Not even! 
This group of talented actors has layers. They have started to learn vocal harmonies. They have risen to the challenge of choreography. And they have dug deep into their own stories to relate and bring their to life characters onstage. Highlighting their strengths, I have had the privilege and challenge to watch them play, succeed, and convince each other that they are all unique, complex talents with a unique story and gift to contribute to the stage. With my guidance, this has been one of our more collaborative efforts, and I am proud of the hard work they have put into the telling of our favorite underdog story. I hope you enjoy it as much as we had preparing it for you.    
Natalie Quilici, Movement Innovator

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