Shrek The Musical Jr - March 15 - March 24, 2019

McLaughlin Theatre Company


Cast Members  
Shrek, Papa Ogre  
Sammy Soren  
Princess Fiona  
Kina Carr  
Young Fiona, Mama Ogre, Mama Bear, Woodland Performer  
Abbie Adams  
Teen Fiona, Peter Pan, Duloc Performer  
Lexie Frick  
Lord Farquaad  
Emily Dalton  
Jayne Leftwich  
Dragon, Duloc & Woodland Performer  
Emily Richwine  
Little Ogre, Papa Bear  
Cruz Thomson  
Caleb Gundolff  
Little Pig 1, Rat  
Hailey Siebe  
Little Pig 2, Rat  
Rylie Buechler  
Little Pig 3, Rat  
Katie Adlesperger  
Ugly Duckling, Woodland Performer  
Kate Slavik  
Baby Bear, Puss in Boots, Rooster  
Mia Cohen  
Wicked Witch, Duloc Performer  
Addison Horn  
Big Bad Wolf, Woodland Performer  
Jacob Conahan  
Ethan Spears  
Captain Of The Guard, Story Teller 1, Knight 1  
Rose Kosta  
Guard, Story Teller 2 Knight 2  
Marcus Orozco  
Guard, Story Teller 3, Knight 3  
Luciana Promisco  
Pied Piper, Dwarf, Duloc Performer  
Jami Kasten  

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