Art - November 18 - November 21, 2020

McQuaid Jesuit

 Director's Note 

Well, who would have thought it, that the 2020 McQuaid Jesuit fall drama production would be staged in an empty auditorium to be viewed from the comfort of your own homes?  The COVID-19 pandemic has managed to up-end all aspects of our world, including that of live performance, but, as the old adage states, “the show must go on.”  I am so proud that the McQuaid Jesuit drama program has risen to the challenge of producing this wonderful piece of theater during these uncertain times.


There are a number of people that I have to thank:  the administration of McQuaid Jesuit in the persons of Fr. Philip Judge, president, and Mr. Adam Baber, principal, for allowing us to go forward with this endeavor; Mr. Tom Galambos, for his essential contribution; Mr. Steven DiFiore of the class of 2013, who filmed tonight’s production and helped transform it into what you are going to see tonight; Mrs. Paula Karnisky, costumer-extraordinaire; stage manager Chris Mraz of the class of 2021;  technical director Mr. Kevin Karnisky and his intrepid stage crew—none of this would be possible without his and their hard work; and last but not least, the six young actors who have pushed themselves further than they ever thought possible to bring you tonight’s entertainment—they have my undying gratitude.


As befitting a play entitled “Art”, you are going to hear a lot of talk tonight about painting and aesthetics and why we respond the way we do to certain works of art, but don’t be fooled.  That’s not really what this play is about.  Tonight’s play is about friendships—about how they form, why they last—or don’t, and how they heal—timely questions for sure in this turbulent era.


Two final reminders before we begin.  Remember that this play has been double-cast, so if you liked what you saw tonight and your schedule allows, tune in another night during the run to see a whole different cast of student actors bring this story to life.  And finally, if you tune in on Wednesday or Thursday nights, along with your ticket to the show, you have received a zoom link that will allow you attend a live talk-back with the cast and artistic crew of the show immediately following the performance.   You will have a chance to ask questions and, more importantly, congratulate these young men on a job well-done.


And now, sit back and enjoy “Art” by Yasmina Reza, translated by Christopher Hampton.

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