Art - November 18 - November 21, 2020

McQuaid Jesuit

 Who's Who 

  • Sam Goodwin '21

    as Marc

    This is Sam's second production at McQuaid. He played Colonel Pickering in last spring's production of My Fair Lady. He is best known for choking on stage when drinking water and playing it off so well with his co-lead that the audience thought it was scripted. Sammy is a senior at McQuaid. For him, the real theatre experience is the friendships he made along the way.

  • Kendal Burno

    as Serge

  • Connor Kresock

    as Yvan

    This is Connor Kresock’s third role in McQuaid’s theatre program (Selsey man, My Fair Lady, Jimmy Cagney, Shakespere in Hollywood). Connor’s favorite part about theatre is the time spent with friends. Special thanks to Mom, Dad, and Max for continuous support and encouragement throughout this production.

  • Trevor Patel


    Trevor Patel is making his McQuaid Jesuit debut in the production of Art.  His favorite roles include Hark in Hark the Herald Angel and Baby Shrek in Shrek.  Trevor enjoys water sports, playing rugby at McQuaid Jesuit, spending time with his dog Kona and reading.  His favorite thing about the McQuaid theatrical program is that it gives him a chance to express himself.  Thanks to Mom, Dad and Gavin.

  • Owen Denker '21


    Owen Denker is in his third and final year of McQuaid Jesuit’s Theatre Program. Previous roles include Professor Willard in Our Town, Darcy in Newsies, and Harry Warner in Shakespeare in Hollywood. Thanks to all of those who have given their support over the past three years.

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